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Byplanlægning og Landskabsplanlægning: Byplanlægning

Blogs om byen fra hele verden

The best city blogs around the world – an interactive guide

To get a better view of what's really happening across the world, we're getting to know the local urban voices who cover their home cities most insightfully. Here's our initial list of friends, from Detroit to Addis Ababa ...
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Active Transportation

Omgivelser i det almene boligbyggeri

Netudgaven Bylyd

BYLYD er Danmarks første podcast om stederne, vi bor og lever i – ­storbyen, forstaden og landsbyen. BYLYD er fortællinger fra det byggede miljø. Både det gennemdesignede og det selvgroede bymiljø. Fra menneskene, der cykler gennem det, gør oprør mod det, planlægger det og skriver om det.



Urban condition plays an active role in shaping and rethinking architecture and design practices as a whole: that is the focus of urbanNext.

UrbanNext’s main goal is to generate a global network to produce content focused on rethinking architecture through the contemporary urban milieu – urbanity that is conditioned by the specificities of the information society, sustainable awareness, globalized knowledge and leisure.
urbanNext is designed to establish a working structure and a multidisciplinary authorial platform for collaborations between people who have an interest in working, thinking and reflecting on design practices and their future.
Finally, urbanNext is dedicated to distributing content through multiple channels, formats and media (print, digital, audiovisual, and even exhibitions or events). This convergence of resources, teams and media allows for a new collective narrative, which we call transmedia.


PlansystemDK indeholder planer efter planloven som er indberettet af kommuner og staten. Alle kan se og hente planerne og enten gemme dem som pdf eller printe.